Admissions to St. Matthew´s College North.

Thank you for contacting us and for your interest in St. Matthew’s College North.

At St. Matthew´s College North we believe that one of the most important decisions you have as parents, is choosing the right school for your children.
This vital decision should be made considering which is the school that best adapts with the type of education you want your children to have.
Whenever a new student enters St. Matthew´s College North, a commitment between the School, the family and the students is created, that goes beyond all academic matters.
This bond should grow from the communion between the School´s policy and principles and the values and objectives of the families as regards the education of their children.
This is why our School develops a rigorous Admission process, in order to determine whether St. Matthew´s College North is the most adequate School for the applicant and his family.

Admissions Calendar.
Applications for admission will be accepted as from the month of April only for the following academic year.
Applications will be considered by order of arrival. Minimum and maximum enrolment levels are established by the Board. Where insufficient school places are available but a student is qualified, he will be placed on a waiting list and advised of his status.

There is no deadline for international applications.

Admission to the school will depend on vacancies, pupil’s academic results, the reports from the previous school, the interview report and the family’s compatibility with the school’s educational philosophy. The decision will be final.

Priority in the Admission
Priority in the admission to School is granted to the children of School families and to the children of our graduates and to students coming from our branch school, if and when vacancies are available and the applicants complete the admission process.

Admission Process.
Taking part in the admission process implies the acceptance of the conditions described above.

Families interested in getting to know St. Matthew’s North should call (+54 2322) 693600, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 16:30 pm to arrange for an interview.

During this first interview, Parents will complete the information form of the applicant. Each family will be given a brochure and a complete overview of the School, including details concerning academic aspects, fees and visit to our facilities.
If the family wishes to continue with the admission process they will be expected to:

1. Ask for Entrance Exams dates. The Admissions Office will inform the parents of the date for the play session (in the case of Kindergarten) or the academic examination (in the case of Junior, Middle and Senior School). Candidates will be tested on Math, English Language and Spanish. On the day of the exam, a copy of the last report, an updated picture of the applicant and the signed form about the “Acceptance of the conditions for the admission process” should be handed in.
2. If the candidate passes the exams, the family will be contacted in order to have an interview with the Head of section.
3. Last, at the Administration Office, the candidate´s D.N.I. or passport along with a photocopy should be handed in and the payment of the initial fees should be completed.

Foreign families.
Families coming from abroad must comply with the steps described in the admission process.
Once the applicant is admitted, the Head of the corresponding section decides, basing the decision on the level examination taken, and the school records available, the form/year the student will attend.